June 24, 20210
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All6th Flag HoistAmbassador's EventsAwardsDAF CollaborationsDAF VisitsDonationsE Wells Realty & ConsultancyProfile of Hanna Atiase

OUR BLACK TRUTH and the Diaspora African Forum in Accra, Ghana are co-sponsoring this historic
journey especially created to replace 100 years of bad memories with good ones, for these Elders, in
a special occasion that has taken on the air of a State Visit.

News Media Contact: Accra, Ghana: Abigail Linerte +233 54 250 6845
[email protected]
In Washington, DC: Tony Regusters (202) 365-1115 / [email protected]

For two nights in 1921, from May 31st to June 1st, a violent mob of white citizens from the
American city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, descended on the neighboring, prosperous Black community of
Greenwood (affectionately referred to as Black Wall Street), intent on burning the community to the
ground. In the aftermath of the nightmare that unfolded over those two days and nights, Greenwood’s
Black residents, their homes, and businesses were completely destroyed, literally wiped off the map in
an attack that included airplanes dropping gas bombs. An estimated 3,000 innocent people, including
women and children, were attacked, many gunned down in the streets, with the dead being dumped in
unmarked graves. Two survivors of this tragic event, until recently, hidden from American history,
include Mother Viola Fletcher, age 107, and her brother, Hughes (“Uncle Redd”) Van Ellis, now 100.2
Recently, at the Tulsa, Oklahoma’s commemoration of the 100 years of the Massacre, Michael
Thompson, CEO of OUR BLACK TRUTH, a new interactive social media platform especially designed for
the almost 2 billion African and African descent people from around the world to be able to freely
communicate, was visiting the city and met with these two elders. Shortly after his return to
Washington, Mother Fletcher expressed a lifelong desire to set foot on the African Continent. It was
this request that sparked communication by Our Black Truth, COO Dr. Toni Luck with Ambassador
Erieka Bennett, Head of Mission for the Diaspora African Forum Embassy in Ghana to consider how to
make Mother Fletcher’s dream come true!

And now, Mother Fletcher and Uncle Redd are coming to Accra!
“Respect for elders is a deeply powerful tenet of African family life, and those principles are
going to be fully expressed when these two survivors, whose lives have been haunted for 100 years by
terrible memories come Home to Ghana.” Said both Luck and Bennett. “We, as daughters of Africa are
so honored to have a part in making new wonderful good memories for them to replace the bad ones.”
“On that first night, in 1921,” Mother Fletcher recalled, “I went to bed in my family’s home in
Greenwood, a community that was rich, not only in terms of wealth, but in culture, community, and
heritage.” Mother Fletcher continued: “My family had a beautiful home. We had great neighbors, and
I had friends to play with. I felt safe. I had everything a child could need. I had a bright future ahead of
me. Greenwood could have given me the chance to truly make a good life in this country. But within a
few horrible hours, all of that was gone.”.” But now, after all these years, I’m so happy to be fulfilling a
lifelong dream of going to Africa and I am so pleased that is to beautiful Ghana”
Mother Fletcher and Uncle Redd, a host of family members and a delegation from OUR BLACK
TRUTH will be greeted by Ambassador Erieka Bennett, members of the government of Ghana, excited
citizens from Accra and all over Africa, at Kotoka International Airport on the afternoon of Saturday,
August 14. The Diaspora African Forum, whose headquarters are located on the campus of the WEB
DuBois Cultural Centre in Accra, which is also home to the Sankofa Wall to the Ancestors, have put
together an amazing program of tours, receptions and special events to honor these wonderful elders
including a high tea with African diplomats. Mother Fletcher will also be enstooled as a Queen Mother,
and Uncle Redd honored as a Chief at an African Durba.
“I will never forget all that we escaped that so many others did not. I relive my memories of the
Massacre every day…” Mother Fletcher added. “When my family was forced to flee Tulsa, I lost my
chance at an education. I never finished school past the fourth grade, and never made much money. But
now, at long last, at least I get to see Africa before I see God…”

For additional information and to register in Accra for a press reception with Mother Fletcher and Uncle
Redd, contact Ambassador Erieka Bennett, Head-of-mission at the Diaspora African Forum Embassy in
Accra, Ghana at: +233 24 421 8343
News media inquiries in Ghana: Abigail at 233 54 250 6845 [email protected] or
the Coming Home Project’s media outreach director, Tony Regusters, at: +1.202.365.1115 – or by email
at: [email protected]

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Copyright by Diaspora African Forum. All rights reserved.