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Who is the
African Diaspora?

Centuries ago, the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade ripped millions of Africans from the shores of the continent, dividing kith and kin, dispersing Africans throughout the Americas and Europe in the worst crime committed against humanity in history. This was the origin of the first massive disbursement of Africans to the Diaspora.

The contemporary African Diaspora also includes migrants from the continent over the past decades seeking opportunities in employment and education. We work in solidarity with all Africans at home and abroad with a desire to return home and help build the wealthiest continent in the world filled with immeasurable resources including Africa’s people. DAF is committed to African development.

Consequently, the return of the Diaspora may not necessarily be a physical return but a contribution of their time, financial resources, expertise, skills and energies to help Africa:

  • Alleviate poverty on the Continent.

  • Uplift the lives of their fellow Africans.

  • Enrich the economies of the underprivileged African States.

  • Strengthen relationships among Diaspora and Continental Africans.


Our Mission

To support the African Union in the representation of the African Diaspora and their strategic involvement in the ongoing development of Africa.

Our Vision

To be the Bridge that unites the African Diaspora and Africa.

Partnership Projects


Bridge Builder’s Awards.


Plan International Ghana. (Students sworn in as Junior Ambassadors at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Accra-Ghana).


Plan International Ghana. (Students sworn in as Junior Ambassadors at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Accra-Ghana).


Ambassador Bennett & the Director, UN Women’s Bureau at AWEA session in New York.


AWEA-H.E. Joyce Banda (Former President of Malawi), presenting an award to Ms. Claudette Perry.


AWEA Sessions in New York.


AWEA Awardees.


Ambassador Bennett presenting Friends of Africa Award to Dr. Diane Kellogg.


Ambassador Bennett, Dr. Toni Luck & Dr. Desta Meghoo.


Ambassador Bennett at the Innovative Leadership Awards, Atlanta-Georgia.


Ambassador Bennett at the Innovative Leadership Awards, Atlanta-Georgia.


Ambassador Bennett at the Innovative Leadership Award, Atlanta-Georgia.


Ambassador Erieka Bennett.

Copyright by Diaspora African Forum. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Diaspora African Forum. All rights reserved.