Daf Opens Virtual Mall on Amazon

December 24, 20200
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Sharing Africa With The World Through Amazon

  • This initiative allows African product manufactures to sell their their products on Amazon within DAF’s virtual store .
  • Small,  medium or large makers of all types of products may apply- selling anything that can be shipped and sold on-line. The emphasis is on quality.

1.)All product are shipped to Amazon.

2.) Amazon sells, packages, ships, and pays DAF.

3.)DAF pays the Manufacturer/ Supplier the agreed profit share.

The Manufacturer/Supplier will have real time access to the Amazon on line back office, to monitor all receipts and sales. Sales and Inventory reports are always available. Sales reports can be viewed anytime 24 hrs. or automatically generated and sent with a set frequency.

Initially this program will only sell on the Amazon .com USA platform. With success, all registered US sellers can expand with us to any of the Amazon platforms world wide…. with a simple click and ship, no additional approvals necessary.

Depending upon the category of item to be sold, Amazon charges a predictable fee on all items . Usually15% of the selling price is a good rule of thumb to expect. They also charge storage and handling fees depending upon the size and weigh of the item to be packed and delivered to the customer. With the specifications of the product, the cost is easily and predictably calculated . After application, approval and  acceptance of the  terms, calculated fees and profits, DAF asks a one time $1,000 enrollment and training fee and a 2% commission on  net sales. DAF reconciles and pays out monthly

Full Details Here – http://bit.ly/AfricanAmazonMall

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Copyright by Diaspora African Forum. All rights reserved.