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All6th Flag HoistAmbassador's EventsAwardsDAF CollaborationsDAF VisitsDonationsE Wells Realty & ConsultancyProfile of Hanna Atiase

The Year of Return [2019] so far has been an eclectic experience. It has rendered us all abundant opportunities of propelling the reintegration of our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora into their abode—Africa.

The initiative, however, broke fresh ground[November 29, 2019] when some African Diasporas were granted Ghanaian citizenship at the behest of H. E. Nana Akufo Addo in a private ceremony at the Jubilee House.

De facto, Section 13 of the CITIZENSHIP ACT, 2000 (ACT 591) states that “The Minister may with the approval of the President grant a certificate of naturalization to a person of age and capacity who satisfies the Minister that he is qualified under section 14 of this Act for naturalization.

In clause (2) “A person to whom a certificate of naturalization is granted under subsection (1) shall take the oath of allegiance and become a citizen by naturalization from the date on which the oath of allegiance is taken”.

A step in the right direction.

 In May 2013, some African leaders on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the African Union put together a strategic framework that encapsulates the goals the continent seeks to achieve by 2063.  As quoted in the Agenda 2063 document in aspiration 21: Africa shall be an integrated, united, peaceful, sovereign, independent, confident and self-reliant continent.

In the span of 50 years, the continent seeks to be a global powerhouse undertaking all pursuits towards the successfulness of the people of the continent. This is more reason why the call and integration of Africans stand beneficial.

What does this mean to African Diasporas?



Most Africans, who ended up in different parts of the world as a result of the middle passage, for years, have held onto their aspirations of reconnecting with the motherland Africa. Why so?  Because a man only truly knows where he is headed; only if he knows where it all began.

As declared by the United Nations, 2015-2024 is the international decade for people of African Descent to promote respect, protection and fulfillment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms of people of African descent.

As a result, reintegrating in a society which is wholly welcoming and open to fresh and crisp endeavors and initiatives is a very important move.



What does this mean to Ghanaians? 

This ceremony, in pure and simple terms encapsulates the tag of Ghanaians as being warm, welcoming and friendly people. Matter of fact; it is also a great avenue for as a people, together with African Diasporas to collectively galvanize our skills, resources and inputs towards the success and economic viability of Ghana and Africa at large.

In conclusion, I will quote an excerpt from the book, “The Dimensions of a Complete Life”-In the final analysis all life is interrelated. No nation or individual is independent. We are all involved in a single process; we are caught up in an inescapable network of mutuality…Every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. . .”


The Unification of Africans is the pathway to our success as a continent!

Credit: Dufie Boakye

Office of the Head of Mission

Diaspora African Forum

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  • Kevin Bramble

    December 18, 2019 at 10:21 pm

    I’m not a Haitian nor do I have relatives there but I would love to see ALL Haitians made naturalized citizens of Africa or some African country as a matter of priority. Integrate Haiti first and foremost as they are the bravest and for that have suffered the most at the hand of the European.


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