THE MADE MAN Ghana – building bridges for economic empowerment, governance & community…see photos from the Leadership Roundtable meeting in Accra

October 23, 20190
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All6th Flag HoistAmbassador's EventsAwardsDAF CollaborationsDAF VisitsDonationsE Wells Realty & ConsultancyProfile of Hanna Atiase

‘Something’ is coming to Ghana and this amazement is about to build bridges for economy empowerment, leadership and community. It’s THE MADE MAN GHANA ingenuity.

This prestigious originality is to uplift and engage accountable male leadership in programming to create a sustainable socio-economic, gender and political equitable society for man, woman and child.

At a quick glance, let’s tell you that TTM was established in 2015, incorporated as a 501c3 in 2018. The Made Man Inc. is preparing for its upcoming 2019-202 US tour and excited to embark its first international tour in Africa.

To get the Ghana bureau launch, selected few were invited to the official leadership roundtable under the chairmanship of His Excellency, Dr. Barfour Adjei-Barwuah, Ghana Ambassador to the United State of America, as hosted by Dr. Ky Dele & Bola Ray, on Sunday, 13th of October, 2019, in Accra, Ghana.

As part of what was shared with attendees, it is demanded of all to actively engage in advancing underserved communities through concentrated efforts, accountable leadership and transformative engagement with advocates, educators, activists, entrepreneurs, government, corporations and civic leaders.

It was also reminded that TMM is about leadership, thus, a leader must help to ensure a better world by role modelling, inspiring and extending resources to empower and invest in their communities.

Among the invited personalities on the day were: H.E. Dr Erieka Bennett [Head of Mission, Diaspora African Forum (DAF), Vice-Chairperson, African Communications Agency], Kwame Sefa KayiKofi Tonto [Head of Information and Public Affairs at the Embassy of Ghana in the USA], among others.

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